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Kisah aku from A ~ Z,,,

Salam to all bloggers !! Have a Nice Days... (。◕‿◕。) 

wanna know me??
let's check it out...

A : available >> Nope,,taken by SOMEONE..
B : birthday >> 9 June 88 at Kuala Terengganu...
C : crushing on!! >> Siti Nurhaliza only,,satu2 artis yg aku minat dr dl smpai skrg..
D : drink u had last >> Bandung + Ice Cream Soda,,sedpp!!
E : easiest person to talk to !! >> K,Yana n my MR.Lover...syg korg!!
F : favourite song at the moment forever : Lucky by Jason Mraz,,cuz ade sentimental value...
G : good person enough?? >> nope,,ade yg kurg...not perfect...
H : Hometown >> Teratak area Jalan Kampar,,Tg.Tualang City..
I : in love with >> Snuker [dush!!dush],,Bowling [fuiyoo!! strike!],,Futsal [yeay..GOAL!!]
J : junggle !! >> aaaaaaaaaaaarghh!! ularrr...
K : killed someone : i'm not a murderer !! hate prison,,
L : longest car ride : gonna be ok if the car auto..manual cm gelabah skit,,
M : Milkshake flavour >> Fresh coconut @ capuccino,,,i like!!
N : Number of Siblings >> i'm 2nd among 3..sikit je kan!!
O : one wish >> Near to HIM and be a good daughter..INSYAALLAH..
P : Person u call me last >> My Mum..
Q : question >> Juz ask me anything..Facebook..
R : reason to smile >> Senyum itu Sedekah....
S : song u had last : Grenade by Bruno Mars...
T : time u wake up >> around 8 a.m.,,,
U : underwear colour >> no way!! it's my SECRET!!..
V : village that u interest >> Kampung Pinang Sebatang..hehehehe
W : worst habit >> xsuke nak study part teori...
X : xtra pocket money >> yeah!! i'm lovin it..senyum smpai ke telinge..
Y : yoyos are?? >> yoyo lah!!
Z : zodiac sign >> Gemini !!

dah kenal aku...??
bagus! bagus!

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