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The Date 29 April 2012 | Merisik + Bertunang

Our friendship didn't stop here!

One day, we discuss to have a serious relationship. He ask me to met my parents. At first, I didn't agree because I didn't finish my study yet. He assures me, it's just an engagement and we will married after I finish my degree. So, I told my parents and they agreed. Alhamdulillah. Fuhh! lega.

On 29th April 2012, we decided to engaged. The husband's family came to my house, meet my parents, talked about the proposal (merisik). And at the same date and time we had engaged. I have never talked to anyone about this day. Only my best friend knew about this.

Thanks a lot to my parents and all my family for the reception.

Tanda ikhlas En Tunang,,
Thank you so much AWAK & family..!! 

Me :  Tema  εїз Hijau + Silver  εїз
En Tunang : Tema  εїз Coklat + Gold  εїз

Thanks to Athirah's Mum utk gubahan hantaran tu,,,,

Terima kasih jgk buat sume ahli keluarga...
Thank you so much!!
Love u'all...

..My Lovely Dad & Mum..

..Cik Puan Maksu..
penghias bilik a.k.a mini pelamin..

..Cik Puan Mak Uda..
penghias hantaran 

..En Paklang & Pn Maklang..
thanks utk pencuci mulut & asam pedas

Yg ni plak flower girls..

erm,,yang ni my kakak kesayangan...

my bestfriends..org yg make over sy..

huh,,selesai sudah,,,

The concept and theme is simple. Like a small garden. The themes colours are peach, green and white. Looks like ala-ala fairy tale. 

I wore a pink white dress by Cahaya Bridal. Make up by my best friends. The gift set decorated by my mother's friends. 

There is no grand reception. Just like a small gathering between two families to get to knew each others. 

Wait for the next story,
Lots of Loves,
Azira Yusof

p/s : "Jika benar dia jodohku maka permudahkanlah....jika tidak Kau jauhkanlah dia dr hidupku.."