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Before I Got Married

Alhamdulillah. Everything gone smooth. Even, I'm busy as a practical student, I still have time to prepare for my wedding reception. Just another one month, my status change.

So excited. Can't wait for the date!

Got three months to do all the things.

1. Prepare list for wedding guest
2. List of the 'hantaran' gift set
3. The 'pelamin' for akad nikah & for the photo shoot
4. The photographer and videographer
5. Wedding attire for husband side and my side
6. The invitation card
7. The goodies for the guest
8. Idea for decorating the bride room
9. and last but not least, for the 'makan beradab' reception

For the wedding guest, I give all the duties to my mum and dad. Because only they knew the neighbors. So, I just prepare for my friends list.

For the 'hantaran' gift set, the idea of decorated from me.
Colour : Emerald Green + Yellow and White
Theme : Floral garden (modern)

The 'mini pelamin' for akad nikah, also decorated by me. But for the photo shoot session, we hire Lawa Bridal as our wedding planner.

For the wedding attire, we hire Lawa Bridal as our fashion designer. I choose the emerald green colour for my side and the turquoise colour for my husband's side.  The theme also like a fairy tale dress but not to grand. I just want a simple dress, don't want too many blink..blink..ooo..gosh! wat berat nak angkut je..hehe...

Invitaion card design by Prographic Megoplex
Photographer & Videographer by Tanjak Pictura

Goodies bag for the guest fully sponsored by my family.

For 'makan beradab' from my dad's friends.

Tired but Excited and happy.

 " Love means togetherness "

Lots of love,
Azira Yusof