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Pencuri !!!

Assalamualaikum wbt to my Mr. 'Adam'...
Alhamdulillah . It's been two years we live together . Under one roof . In the same room . Even we don't have rezeki to have kids . Insha Allah maybe oneday . We share everything we have . I don't care if you don't drive any BMW or Mercedes or Skyline to be a "Macho Man" . Be my imam in prayers . Be my sholuder when I cry . Be my EVERYTHING . That's how define "my macho man". No need to have nice voice and trying to hush me with a 'jiwang' song to woo me . ooooo..Tangkap leleh sangat! . Enough with recite Kalamullah "Al-Qurannul Kareem" . oow! I'm melting .  No need to be "Orang Kaya" for me to love you . No need to be macho like Korean dramaking . No need to be Hero like Hindustan . Just be yourself . Maybe it's sound a little bit 'POYO' but sorry to say . I always believe in what Allah give me . -PENCURI HATI-